Hi Classmate?  Got a question?  See below for answers to frequently asked questions. 

Don't see the answer to your question?  Feel free to email one of the committee members:

Bill Wagoner  BillWagoner@delvalle69reunion.com  
Carole Chuckovich  CaroleChuckovich@delvalle69reunion.com 
Steffanie Murphy  SteffanieElefantMurphy@delvalle69reunion.com 
1. I made a mistake on my signup - what should I do?
Just reenter your information.  To do this, either refresh the signup page on your browser, OR click one of the other tabs on this site and then return to the Signup page OR go to the email that gave you the link to the browser and click it again.  The signup form will then appear, empty.
2. I forgot to add my guest's name - what should I do?
If all the other information is correct, including the number of guests, then just send an email to one of the committee members (see top of page) with the information.  Otherwise, follow the instructions for what to do if you made a mistake on the signup form.
3. I'm not sure whether I'm bringing a guest, but I'd like to get the early bird pricing.  Can I add a guest later?
Once you sign up and pay, you can add a guest later at the same rate you paid. 
4. What happens if something happens and I can't attend?  Will I get a refund?
We really hope everyone shows up, but realize that stuff happens.  However, we have to pay advance deposits and such based on the number of guests.  If you notify us before September 10, we can refund your tickets minus processing fees, if any.  If you just don't show up, there will be no refund.  In between, let us know and we'll do our best to work something out that's fair to everyone.
5. I'd like to attend but I'd need some special accommodations (dietary, mobility, financial, health, etc.)  Can you help me out?
We don't want anything to stand in the way of your joining us for the celebration.  Please email one of the committtee members and we can set up a call to discuss what we can do to make this a thoroughly enjoyable occasion for you.
6. Are any hotels offering discounts? 
We are talking to several hotels near the Country Club about getting discounted pricing.  We will share that information by the end of May.
7. I'd love to attend, but don't want to bring a guest.  I'm a little nervous about going by myself.  
So far, about half of the alums are planning to attend by themselves.  But after all these years, it gets harder to recognize people or remember names.  We are planniing a couple of things to break the ice and make it more comfortable and fun for everyone - including guests.  More on this in future emails.
8. My diet is Vegan / Gluten-free / Vegetarian / other.  Can you accommodate me?
Please email us with your needs and we will see what we can do.  The dinner will be in the format of manned serving stations and will include both meat and non-meat options.
9. How should I dress?
This is a nice venue, so people should look nice, but you shouldn't feel you need to go buy clothes.  Shirts need to have collars, no jeans, no sandals/flip-flops.  Aside from that, wear what feels good to you, like you would wear to a good restaurant.  Some people will go all-out dressy, some won't.
10. Will I get a physical ticket?  Do I need to bring it with me?
There are no paper tickets.  We will have a list of paid attendees and guests and will sign you in and give you a name badge when you arrive.
11. Can I signup and pay at the event?
 We really need for you to sign up in advance.  We have to pay for the food in advance, based on the number of attendees.  We won't have any way to process payments at the door. But if your circumstances suddenly change at the last minute, please contact us and we'll see if we can squeeze you in.
12. How do I sign up for the Friday evening casual event?
Signup for the Friday evening event is not required, but we will be polling you to get an idea of how many to expect for a reserved space.
13. How do I sign up for the Golf event?
We will send out information on this later.
14. Where will the Reunion Dinner event be held?

At the
Contra Costa Country Club
801 Golf Club Rd.,
Pleasant Hill CA 94523
15. When using PayPal to order tickets ,and I accidentally ordered too many.  Can I get a refund for  the extras?
Yes, just as long as you notify us right away.  Just use one of the committee member email addresses on the Signup Page and we'll work out a refund for you.