This is a list of people we have not been able to contact. Any help is much appreciated. If you know how to contact them, please tell them about this website, or email us at Classmate@DelValle69reunion.com with the appropriate information, or both. 

If you know of a classmate who has passed, please let us know who, and what details are available, so that we can honor that person on the In Memory of page. 

A - E
Norma Albisu
Candace Allen
Linda Augello
Katherine Ballew
Ester Bateman Berger
Donna Benoit Stanberry
Sue Berger
Bryan Black
Sue Brown
Gary Brown
Malcolm Campbell
Alan Castle
Roxanne Caulfield
Dwight Combs
Margaret Crouse Sawyer 
Sandra Curtis
Tad Dodds
Robin Dodge Casey
David Duncan
Charles Edwards
William Egli
Joanne Ensminger Kittle

F - M
Glenn Fee
Clark Franklin
Barbara Gilliland
Eleanor Goddu
Hans Haagensen
Cheryl Handy
Kim Hanson
Peter Hubbard
Sue Hurst
Dave Hylton
Jerry Jacobson
Karen Johnson
Sally Jones
Wally Judd
Roger Keesler
Sandy Gaudio Kindris
Sue Krasky
Martin Lee
Jayne McDorman
Diane Morgan

O - Z
Margaret Olson
Sandy Onessi
Jay Owens
Roberta Packer
Jean Penrose
Steve Perrin
Kim Peterson Beis
Paul Rillo
Linda Robertson
Marc (Randy) Robinson
Vickie Rose
Alice Sargent Madeiros
Brad Sarty
Terry Scanlan
Rick Schofield
Dana Schultz
Dave Shearer
Gayle Smith
Jacque Sponseller
Kris Staley
Sue Taylor
Cathy Terra
Steve Thompson
Cathy Tracy
Marge Tronvig
Kathy Trottier
Anne White
Bob Wilcox
Jan Williams
Jeff Williams
Linda Winn Tilley
Michelle Woodring
Dana Wright
Dave Wright