The best way to contact us is at classmate@delvalle69reunion.com or the contact form below, but if you want to talk to one of us personally, please feel free to  email one of the Planning Committee members.

Planning Committee:

Art Plank                art_plank@yahoo.com
Bill Wagoner           wrwagoner@hotmail.com
Carol Converse       carolconverse@mac.com
Carole Chuckovich  ccsunfun@yahoo.com
Gail Kaprielian        quirks8049@gmail.com
Gwen Tharratt        gtharratt@gmail.com
John Dutro
John Jenswold        mrjdj3@sbcglobal.net
Larry Hatch            greenstang67@hotmail.com
Sharon Gaige         sly628@yahoo.com
Spike O’Keefe         spikedog222000@gmail.com
Steffanie Elefant     stmurphy314@sbcglobal.net
Tom Olsen             tgotoa@aol.com
Trish Ulrich            thekeyisi@aol.com
Veronica Bennett    veronicacbennett@yahoo.com
Vicki Hansen          vsvineyard@aol.com